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Saudi Embassy/ Saudi Cultural Attache attestion services for Kashmir/ Asia and India Region

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Degree Countries Covered :
We support degree certification from various countries. Russia - Belarus - Georgia - Ukraine - Azerbaijan - Bulgaria - Dagestan - Armenia - Serbia - Montenegro - Albania - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kosovo - Macedonia - Cyprus Turkish Republic - Croatia - Tajikistan - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan
Services offered to people in various countries:
We offer services to people in various countries, Asia- India Bangladesh Nepal Srilanka Middle East and globally we offer the services. We offer personal pickup services for cultural attestation for people in Srinagar Kashmir.
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Saudi Cultural Attache AttestionFor Kashmir/ India/ Asia Region

  • Step 1: Saudi Cultural Attache Attestation. This is the first step we do and needs to be followed with the Saudi Attache. The certificates/ educational degrees need to be attested and recognized by the Saudi Cultural Attache designated for the country from where the degree is taken.
  • Step2 Embassy Certificate Attestation. The next step after step 1 is to get the certificate attested from the concerned Saudi Arabia Embassy.